The arrival of a new member to the family, be it a baby or a new pet, can cause social conflict or jealousy in the pet that already felt “the king of the house”, but this inconvenience can be solved with a little Of therapy and this can be done through puppy training Boston.

The social conflict is generated by several reasons, among them because the animals have hierarchy and it costs to them to yield their space, but also by the treatment that they receive. “There are times that are very spoiled,” stresses the professional.

When the house has a single pet, it usually does what it wants and receives a lot of attention. When a new member arrives at the family, that attention is dissipated, he can no longer enter certain sectors of the house and, if it is a baby, he is often forbidden to approach.

How to treat pet jealousy ?

All this makes the pet feel a rejection towards the new member, even, take the ban as a punishment.


If they are dogs or cats, you should keep in mind that there is an important period, which runs from the first three weeks until they reach three months, when it is important to be introduced to other pets of their species, as well as other species.

“For example, if you have a friend who has another pet with the vaccination plan up to date, it is important that they be presented. They have to relate to their own species, also of different races and sizes, as well as other species” , He remarked.


If the problem is already installed, everything will depend on the owners, how they handle the situation and that they do not make a difference between them.

You can also use a professional to condition and accustom you to share, using positive reinforcements or prizes, always with the presence of the other.

When these types of cases occur, it is important to treat them immediately, since the longer they spend fighting, the treatment becomes more difficult and even there are some cases that can no longer be solved, explains Sofia.

The pet that receives the new member will show him which place he occupies and which will be his. This can happen with some slight fights, which should not come to a high aggressiveness.