The best way of reducing the weight is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and then maintaining it over time. If it is not done, the person may reduce the weight but by the time weight will be regained and all the efforts will be of no use. This happens when the person starts eating like the normal routine. This article will help inhow to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks in less time in case the person has to crash in any urgent event like a wedding or a trip. Some easy ways of doing so are as follows.

How to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks

Doing physical exercise

Even if the person is looking to lose weight in less time, he must do some of the low impact exercises to keep the body in shape. It will bring more speed in losing the weight over time. The energy should be conserved in as many ways as possible. Some of the simple ways of doing so are swimming, jogging, and light yoga, biking and walking.

Drinking a lot of water

Water is really helpful in reducing the weight because it takes away all the excess material from thebody. The energy level is maintained and even the mood remains in its best shape. The person should definitely eliminate the intake of unhealthy drinks during the time period of dieting and intake a lot of water.

Using green tea and black coffee

These types of drinks have no calories in them and are best for the body. This will also maintain the wellness of body by not giving any harm and will increase the metabolism of thebody. Also, the cravings are curbed by the use of these drinks that will ultimately help a lot in maintaining the diet plan once made by the person.